Who we are.

A Blockchain platform for creative minds and art-lovers

Musae is an innovative platform for creatives designed by Alsaro Sagl, a Swiss tech company founded in 2014, one of the seven companies around the world developing the first generation of hardware for mining Bitcoin.
Our goal is to help creatives and institutions thrive in the Metaverse.

Discover Artworks

Discover Artworks

Welcome to a new era for creativity.

Our innovative platform combines the physical and digital realms to empower artists and inspire a new generation of collectors. We employ the best metaverse and NFT technologies, so you can buy and sell artworks or services, organize or attend live events without needing any coding skills.



The idea for this platform came from a support request during the Covid pandemic. We had already built an art-centric community for our sister brand smARTravel and many artists came to us to help them fare through lockdowns and increased limitations on in-person events.
Our name refers to the nine muses of Apollo: they represented the supreme ideal of art, intended as in the “eternal magnificence of the divine”.

Changing the game. For everyone.


Our curated platform offers opportunities to both emerging and established career artists to earn more from their art. We have both a traditional platform for physical works and a new way to sell your digital work on our NFT platform, opening up the digital world to artists working with traditional mediums.

We are inclusive, and offer equal opportunity for all, including under-represented artists across all communities.


Discover a new way to support your favorite artists or institutions. NFTs open up a world of opportunities for collectors, many of which are incredibly affordable.

If you’re ready to make a larger investment, on Musae you can also purchase shares or artworks.


With business partners in over 10 countries and art collectors around the world, Musae is THE marketplace for reaching a global audience.
Join a community that attracts serious collectors and first-time art lovers, and capitalize on Musae’s unique tools that support your goals and drive sales.


Use Musae’s crowdfunding tools to support your projects, whether it’s the restoration of an artwork, a new exhibition or something else entirely.
With the support of our sister brand smARTravel, we can also provide your institution with the tools to run day-to-day operations.


Create a metaverse destination with our best-in-class designs, personalized for your collectors.


Musae can help you design an online experience that collectors will talk about.


Drive NFTs sales for your exhibitors with powerful eCommerce options.

Auction houses

Reach a new collector base, expand your auction house beyond its walls to connect with a global community.
Our suite of blockchain, cloud-based and mobile tools help streamline operations, all while promoting your auction to a new customer base and thus increasing the chance of higher bids.

Trending NFTs

Trending NFTs

Our Team


Alessandro D’amato



Shreshth Sapra

Business Developer

Renato Todini

Lead Designer




Andrea Milano

Photographer since I was a child. Let’s talk about bio once the fun will be over. Actually, I’m a photographer

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