I am Ahmed Muntasir, also known as "Ragenfection". I made my way to be a visual artist all on my own, based in St. Catherines. My belief is the way I feel about things is in fact the way how we can define life itself. This is why my work revolves around attempting to express my expectations, imaginations, desires, and frustrations.
I often feel like I cannot explain my thoughts in words to others. There is a barrier and I have felt an emptiness inside me not being able to adequately express myself or feel as though I lack the skill of connecting with people.

My work resembles cries for help to do so. The majority of my art is about expressing the need for freedom. Through visual art, I have found a way to connect with my work and I am learning ways to express my thoughts through my art.
The first person who influenced me to break into the world of visual art is Brooke Shaden, an American fine art photographer. What I found so fascinating about her work is that she portrays dark times as beautiful moments and embraces them how they are.
The majority of my inspiration comes from musicians like Olivia Rodrigo, Owl City, and Imagine Dragons.

My work has been recently publicly exhibited and I am always excited to see people interacting with it.
Through their interactions I understand how they interpret my work.


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