Violette Cici


Violette Cici is a French/Australian digital collage NFT artist. Currently lives and works in Sydney. Cici was born and raised in the South of France among the warm colours, bright sunlight and distorted lines of Van Gogh and Cezanne.

When speaking about her concept of work and NFT projects, she says: “I always like to see inspiration in everything and anything around me, present in any object, surface or shadows.

I believe this is the magic that is lost in our transition to adulthood. This is the reason I like to work with layers and colours.
When I look at something, initially I see its realistic visual state. However, when I concentrate, completely different forms will appear, mostly living creatures.

My belief is that each species has its own perspective which creates a unique reality. The more we can open ourselves to the idea that other realities differ than our own exist, the faster we can accept these new ideas and viewpoints, hence the richer our lives will become.

This aspect and belief is an important part of my art.

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