Safe Deposit Box.

Peace-of-mind secured storage of precious assets

Musae provides through its partners institutional-grade safe deposit boxes for your precious artworks, NFTs and crypto assets.

Clients benefit from a customizable security process to serve the needs of both corporate and financial institutions as well as private investors. Assets in the vaults are held in safe deposit boxes and are easily accessible 24/7 by client-defined individuals for trading, transfer and other purposes.

Musae delivers through its partners a range of services to best protect the most precious assets, guaranteeing total security, maximum discretion and confidentiality, and complete independency from the banking system.

The custody allows individuals and companies to better protect their valued assets. Thanks to the 24-hour operating service, the possibility of storage without space limits also for short periods of time, and the availability of a series of additional services, maximum flexibility is ensured.

We respond to individual and different needs and in some cases, build a tailor-made service.

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