Sergey Kir

Sergey Kir is a unique and innovative artist who has created his own remarkable, new art style, which was he coined "Conceptivism."
An ambitious approach to painting, conceptivism synthesizes technology, financial modeling, and art history into a cohesive whole. Utilizing hand drawing, digital photography, and the analytical methods from quantitative finance, Kir's ultimate goal is to create a “gesamtkunstwerk,” or absolute work of art, which goes beyond the visual to incite, provoke, inspire, and enrich the minds of his viewers.
Kir’s compositions are planned using computer algorithms, with strong philosophical and socio-political messages as their underpinnings. By mixing machine learning, finance, humanity, storytelling, and vivid colors, Kir believes that he is able to create images this side shy of perfection. His work generally centers around several themes, namely New York City, “the city of peoples' dreams;” Toronto, water, abstraction, Biblical stories by his family background and his personal connection to the "Kir" fortress mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, and world finance, something he describes as being as much an art as a science.
Kir was born in Western Ukraine during the time of the Soviet Union and lived in Russia for many years.

He now lives in New York City, where he pursues his artistic career.


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